Встречи. Эпизод 1

Встречи. Эпизод 1

Встречи. Эпизод 1

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0h 20m 2021 HD

Ver Встречи. Эпизод 1 Peliculas | en Cuevana3. With the help of black magic and contemporary philosophy of speculative realism, a girl suddenly discovers a whole new world where the Lacanian metaphor, stating that all things look back at us and that is why we see them, becomes rather literal. The director enables the viewers to contemplate novel object-oriented ways to communicate with the world and yourself.

  • Género:
  • País: Russia
  • Director: Pavel Serdyukov
  • Actores:
Встречи. Эпизод 1 (2021)
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