Alban Berg - Wozzeck

Alban Berg - Wozzeck

Alban Berg - Wozzeck

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1h 47m 2018 HD

Ver alban berg - wozzeck Peliculas | en Cuevana3. Based on real events and drawing on Georg Büchner's revolutionary play, Alban Berg's Wozzeck turns a grimly tragic narrative of violence and murder into one of the most powerful and original operas of the 20th century. Berg's uncompromising portrayal of brutality and madness generated much controversy, but the significance of Wozzeck was soon recognised; its compelling lyrical expansiveness, large-scale dramatic gestures and remarkable musical structures producing music of overwhelming emotional intensity. The Financial Times declared this to be 'a beautiful, moving, engrossing production… this is a consummate Wozzeck, blending clarity, lyricism, compassion and crushing force.'

Alban Berg - Wozzeck (2018)
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